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  • Spinitron, LLC. 199 W Newton St Boston, MA 02116

    Do not send promos to Spinitron, we are not a radio station!

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  • 617-233-3115

Music Industry

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At Spinitron we care about radio, DJs and good music. We are a small, dedicated outfit and your enquiries will be handled efficiently and personally.

Eva Papp is Spinitron's representative for customer and technical support and for sales and marketing. She will field any questions you may have.

Tom Worster developed the Spinitron software and database and manages the services. He is also a Spinitron user and DJ at WZBC Newton and is always looking for ways to improve the system.

David DeKeyser is Spinitron's Music Business representative. He first used Spinitron as a DJ at WZBC, and was later a radio promoter and head of CMJ's Radio team.