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ArtistVarious Artists
DiskEveryone's Getting Involved: A Tribute to Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense
Spinitron ChartJul 4 2024
Chart periodFri Jun 28th thru Thu Jul 4th 2024
Chart stats316 stations reporting 504513 spins
Rank in chart65
Spins in chart period89
06/28/2024KALXBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/29/2024KALXBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/29/2024KALXFound a JobPlaylist
06/29/2024KALXThank You for Sending Me an AngelPlaylist
06/30/2024KALXPsycho KillerPlaylist
07/01/2024KALXOnce in a LifetimePlaylist
07/01/2024KALXGenius of LovePlaylist
07/03/2024KALXGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/27/2024KBMFGenius of LovePlaylist
07/03/2024KBVRTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/30/2024KBZRThank You for Sending Me an AngelPlaylist
06/30/2024KBZRCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
07/01/2024KBZRGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/01/2024KBZRBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/27/2024KDURSlippery PeoplePlaylist
07/01/2024KDURCrosseyed and Painless (feat. Money Mark)Playlist
07/02/2024KECGBurning Down the HousePlaylist
07/02/2024KFGMThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) [feat. Norah Jones]Playlist
06/28/2024KGLTLife During WartimePlaylist
07/01/2024KHOLBurning Down the HousePlaylist
07/01/2024KMGPGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/03/2024KSPCGenius of LovePlaylist
07/02/2024KUAAGenius of LovePlaylist
06/28/2024KVCUCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
07/01/2024KVMRLife During WartimePlaylist
06/29/2024KXCIOnce in a LifetimePlaylist
06/27/2024KXCIGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/27/2024KXCIOnce in a LifetimePlaylist
07/01/2024KXCIOnce in a LifetimePlaylist
07/03/2024KXCIOnce in a LifetimePlaylist
06/27/2024KXSFThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Playlist
06/27/2024KXSFWhat a Day That WasPlaylist
06/27/2024KXSFTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/28/2024KXSFThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Playlist
06/28/2024KXSFWhat a Day That WasPlaylist
07/01/2024KXSFMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
07/02/2024KXSFWhat a Day That WasPlaylist
06/30/2024KZSCGenius of LovePlaylist
07/01/2024WBTVTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/27/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
06/27/2024WCYTBurning Down The HousePlaylist
06/27/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
06/28/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
06/30/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
06/30/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
07/01/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
07/01/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
07/02/2024WCYTCrosseyed and PainlessPlaylist
06/27/2024WDRTGenius of LovePlaylist
06/29/2024WDRTThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) [feat. Norah Jones]Playlist
07/02/2024WERUWhat a Day That WasPlaylist
07/02/2024WESUThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Playlist
07/03/2024WESUThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Playlist
07/02/2024WGDRTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/29/2024WHCPFound a JobPlaylist
06/30/2024WHPCBurning Down the HousePlaylist
07/02/2024WHPCBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/27/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/27/2024WLUWMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
06/27/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/28/2024WLUWMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
06/28/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/29/2024WLUWMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
06/30/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/01/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/02/2024WLUWMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
07/02/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/03/2024WLUWMaking Flippy FloppyPlaylist
07/03/2024WLUWBurning Down the HousePlaylist
07/03/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/03/2024WLUWGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/27/2024WMSCBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/30/2024WMSCBurning Down the HousePlaylist
07/01/2024WMSCBurning Down the HousePlaylist
06/27/2024WNTHGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/02/2024WNTHGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
06/30/2024WPRBThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) [feat. Norah Jones]Playlist
07/03/2024WPRKGenius of LovePlaylist
06/28/2024WRIRFound a JobPlaylist
07/01/2024WRUVTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/27/2024WTIPTake Me to the RiverPlaylist
06/28/2024WTIPGenius of LovePlaylist
06/28/2024WTIPGirlfriend Is BetterPlaylist
07/01/2024WTIPFound a JobPlaylist
07/02/2024WTIPThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)Playlist
06/27/2024WVYCBurning Down The HousePlaylist
06/29/2024WVYCBurning Down The HousePlaylist