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ArtistThe Beths
DiskExpert In A Dying Field
Spinitron ChartJan 19 2023
Chart periodFri Jan 13th thru Thu 19th 2023
Chart stats287 stations reporting 446121 spins
Rank in chart22
Spins in chart period110
01/16/2023KCSUYour SidePlaylist
01/18/2023KRFFYour SidePlaylist
01/13/2023KSPCYour SidePlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUYour SidePlaylist
01/18/2023WCYTYour SidePlaylist
01/12/2023WCYTYour SidePlaylist
01/15/2023WCYTYour SidePlaylist
01/15/2023KRFFWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/15/2023KRFFWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/14/2023KRFFWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/13/2023KTNAWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/17/2023KUOMWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/12/2023WCYTWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/15/2023WCYTWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/18/2023WCYTWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/14/2023WMUHWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/17/2023WMUHWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/12/2023WMUHWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/12/2023WRUWWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/18/2023WUMLWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/16/2023WZBCWhen You Know You KnowPlaylist
01/13/2023KCSUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/12/2023KDHXSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/15/2023KMUNSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/16/2023KRFCSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/13/2023KSYMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/17/2023THEUSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/12/2023WCYTSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/16/2023WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/18/2023WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/14/2023WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/12/2023WDCESilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/14/2023WKNCSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/13/2023WSCASilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/15/2023WSFMSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/18/2023WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/15/2023WYMSSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/16/2023WZBTSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/15/2023Humboldt Hot AirSilence Is GoldenPlaylist
01/15/2023KAFMKnees DeepPlaylist
01/15/2023KBOOKnees DeepPlaylist
01/14/2023KCSUKnees DeepPlaylist
01/18/2023KGLTKnees DeepPlaylist
01/18/2023KGLTKnees DeepPlaylist
01/12/2023KRFCKnees DeepPlaylist
01/14/2023WCYTKnees DeepPlaylist
01/12/2023WMUHKnees DeepPlaylist
01/13/2023WMUHKnees DeepPlaylist
01/12/2023WQFSKnees DeepPlaylist
01/18/2023WSCAKnees DeepPlaylist
01/13/2023KCSUI Want To ListenPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUI Want To ListenPlaylist
01/17/2023WNMCI Want to ListenPlaylist
01/12/2023WRUWI Want to ListenPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUI Told You That I Was AfraidPlaylist
01/17/2023KGLTHead In The CloudsPlaylist
01/14/2023KRFCHead In The CloudsPlaylist
01/16/2023KRFCHead In The CloudsPlaylist
01/17/2023KRFCHead In The CloudsPlaylist
01/18/2023WDCEHead in the CloudsPlaylist
01/12/2023WNMCHead in the CloudsPlaylist
01/17/2023WZBTHead In The CloudsPlaylist
01/17/2023KBMFExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/16/2023KCSUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023KDURExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/12/2023KDURExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/16/2023KSJDExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023WBRSExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/13/2023WBTVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023WBTVExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/15/2023WCYTExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/15/2023WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/17/2023WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/13/2023WDCEExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023WIDRExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/17/2023WIDRExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/16/2023WIDRExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023WMUHExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/17/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/12/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/13/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/16/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/17/2023WNRNExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/13/2023WRIRExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/15/2023WRUWExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023WUNHExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/14/2023WVUDExpert in a Dying FieldPlaylist
01/13/2023WZBTExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/18/2023WZBTExpert In A Dying FieldPlaylist
01/15/2023KCSUChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/12/2023KRFFChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/18/2023KRFFChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/17/2023KSPCChange in the WeatherPlaylist
01/17/2023WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/16/2023WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/12/2023WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/13/2023WDCEChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/12/2023WPRKChange In The WeatherPlaylist
01/15/2023KCSUBest LeftPlaylist
01/14/2023WLUWBest LeftPlaylist
01/18/2023KVCUA Passing RainPlaylist
01/18/2023WZBTA Passing RainPlaylist